Thursday, March 6, 2008


LAS VEGAS, Feb. 26, 2008

Working within the realm of wireless entertainment, SONY today unveiled four new home theater systems featuring the new S-AIR™ technology, a wireless audio solution for multi-room listening.

By integrating S-AIR technology into its new Home Theater Systems, the company will be delivering a simple practical wireless multi-room solution without complicated set-up requirements, such as IP addresses, WEP keys and pin codes. Wireless audio can be transmitted from the main system in the living room to multiple rooms throughout the home -- up to 164 feet -- simply by connecting a separate S-AIR Air Station Receiver/Speaker into a power outlet.

S-AIR technology also delivers superior audio wirelessly to rear surround speakers without interfering with other household devices.

“From playing great music to broadcasting the big games throughout the wireless home, our home theater systems with S-AIR technology makes entertaining easy and affordable,” said Brennan Mullin, vice president for audio products for Sony Electronics’ Digital Imaging and Audio Division. “Multi-room audio systems typically are quite costly and need to be professionally installed. Now we have a simple, yet affordable alternative.”

The four BRAVIA® Theatre systems integrate a high-quality, five-disc DVD/CD player with upscaling to 1080p via HDMI™ when connected to a 1080p-capable HDTV set.

These intelligent Audio Video systems feature Sony’s Digital Media Port, which adds controlling, networking, and connectivity for music playback with various optional accessories. An included cradle for iPod players (TDM-iP10) connects to the Digital Media Port to wirelessly stream audio through the house using S-AIR Air Stations. Additional accessories include a Network Walkman™ player audio cradle, a PC client device and a Bluetooth® adapter (each is sold separately).

Featuring Digital Cinema Auto Calibration (DCAC), the units offer simple multi-channel surround sound setup with the use of an included microphone to automatically adjusting speaker frequency, distance and level for an optimal home theater experience.

Finally, the home theater systems offer a Dialogue Audio Enhancer with night mode. This adjusts for low dialogue when the receiver volume is turned low. They also come with an updated Portable Audio Enhancer, which improves the clarity and depth of a connected music player by adding information to the audio signal that had been removed during compression.

The DAV-HDX576WF model includes one S-AIR Air Station receiver/speaker (AIR-SA10) and a wireless rear speaker kit (WAHT-SA10). The theater system offers height adjustable floor standing speakers designed to match the style and height of BRAVIA televisions. This model will be available in March for about $500.

The DAV-HDX277WC model includes one S-AIR Air Station receiver/speaker (AIR-SA10) with an option to add a rear wireless speaker kit (WAHT-SA10, sold separately), while the DAV-HDX279W model includes the rear wireless speaker kit (WAHT-SA10) with an option to add S-AIR Air Station receiver/speakers for multi-room audio. Both of these models will be available in March for about $400.

The DAV-HDX275 system is equipped with S-AIR-Ready technology with an option to add a rear wireless speaker kit (WHAT-SA10) and an S-AIR transmitter (EZW-T100) with S-AIR Air Stations (AIR-SA10). The model will also be available in March for about $300.


Adding rear wireless capabilities to compatible S-AIR Sony home theater systems, the WAHT-SA10 wireless speaker kit utilizes radio frequency (RF) to transmit audio wirelessly to rear speakers, eliminating unsightly wires. An integrated headphone output allows you to conveniently enjoy home theater without disturbing others. The rear wireless speaker kit will be available in March for about $149.

AIR-SA10 Air Station receiver/speakers can be purchased for use with compatible S-AIR Sony home theater systems -- up to four units can be used with each theater system. The AIR-SA10 features eight watts (RMS) of power, with an alarm clock function and will be available in March for about $120.

These new breed of wireless SONY Home Theater System will enable unhampered listening and viewing enjoyment in any possible location within the borderless home.


Tuesday, March 4, 2008


LAS VEGAS, Feb. 26, 2008

With the objective of providing a simplified approach to high-definition home theater management and making it more user-friendly, Sony today unveiled a line of four A/V receivers offering high-definition performance, easy set-up and control through a unique icon-driven menu system.

The distinct feature for each of the new models is simplified home theater operation; by efficiently functioning as a central control hub for audio and HD video home theater components, converging all sources to one HDMI™ output from the receiver to the display.

Designed for simplified but optimal high-definition home theater performance, the models include such top features as 1080/24p True Cinema Video pass-through, advanced audio codec support, and upscaling of all standard definition video sources to 1080p via HDMI when connected to a 1080p-capable HDTV set.

“Our new line of A/V receivers serve as the heart of any high-definition home theater system by synchronizing all audio and HD video sources to deliver a smooth, high quality home theater experience,” said Brennan Mullin, vice president for audio products for Sony Electronics’ Digital Imaging and Audio Division. “These powerful new receivers offer an easy and affordable solution to complete the important second half of the high-definition equation – cinematic surround sound that complements the picture.”


The new STR-DG920 and STR-DG820 7.1 channel A/V receivers offer 110 watts of power per channel and are equipped to support the latest in high-definition formats with 1080/60p and 24p True Cinema Video signal pass-through.

Featuring four HDMI™ inputs, the models support the latest audio formats – Dolby® Digital Plus, Dolby® TrueHD, dts® High Resolution Audio and dts® HD Master Audio. The models also support x.v.Color™ technology (xvYCC) which offers a wider spectrum of colors from source to receiver to an x.v.Color-compliant HDTV.

Additionally, the STR-DG920 model supports Deep Color™ for greater color depth on compatible televisions and upscales standard-definition video content to 1080p via HDMI with a 1080p-capable HDTV set. This particular model features an icon-driven menu system for simplified device and content navigation.

Also included is Sony’s Digital Media Port. This adds networking and connectivity to the AV receivers for music playback from various sources with optional accessories, including audio cradles compatible with select Walkman® players and iPod® products, a PC client device and a Bluetooth® adapter. Once the accessory is connected, the integrated device can be powered and controlled by the receiver for enhanced home theater experience.

An upgraded Portable Audio Enhancer improves the clarity and depth of any connected digital music player by adding information to the audio signal that had been removed during compression for an improved audio experience. Additionally, the units are XM Connect-and-Play™ ready with 5.1 Neural Surround Sound.

These models incorporate Digital Cinema Auto Calibration (DCAC) for simplified multi-channel surround sound setup. In about 20 to 30 seconds, the system automatically adjusts frequency, distance and level for optimal performance.

The STR-DG920 model will be available in June for about $600, while the STR-DG820 system will be available in May for about $400.


The new STR-DG720 7.1 channel A/V receiver, with 105 watts of power per channel, features three HDMI inputs that support 1080/60p and 24p video signal pass-through, plus up to eight channels of uncompressed LPCM audio. It work with XM Radio and will be available in March for about $300.

At 100 watts, the STR-DG520 5.1 channel A/V receiver offers two HDMI inputs with 1080/60p and 24p video signal pass-through. It will be available in March for about $200.

Both models include Digital Cinema Auto Calibration (DCAC) technology, Digital Media Port, Digital Cinema Sound processing for studio quality reproduction, and Portable Audio Enhancer.

With these new high performance SONY HD Audio Video Home Theater Systems, the level of high definition entertainment is taken to the maximum level for audio/video enthusiasts.


Sunday, March 2, 2008


The latest trends in home entertainment system is unified integration. Past home entertainment systems tend to focus in the coverage of a limited specified area intended for a specific type of audience.

With new various wireless technologies available such as the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Max, the spatial physical borders limiting the diffusion of entertainment devices are shattered and the borderless home becomes one large entertainment arena intended for all types of home-based members.

In the past decade, home entertainment systems were limited to home theater equipment such as esoteric high-end audio-video equipment, wide-screen flat television systems. Today's full-entertainment package include sophisticated media-capable personal computers, satellite program content providers, portable gaming consoles, sleek multi-format media players, multi-media audio-video equipments, including sophisticated communication devices.

Here we examine the latest development in consumer electronics as the era of borderless wireless entertainment is integrated into a unified home system package that is meant to cater to all types of family members. Welcome your integrated new home entertainment system into your own home.